We didn't want to upset the UN, now, did we?

Actually, we did have an agreement with Iraq to implement full inspections,
and he did agree to get rid of all of the Iraqi WoMM, although I can't tell
you why we believed him.  But certainly, we can't now.

We are now more concerned because he has had quite some time to implement
more weapons outside of our ability to inspect, and he has quite a bit of
money to do so, given the trade he has with our European "allies" in the UN.

But this was a rhetorical question, wasn't it?

Of course, no one here on this list, including myself, can tell you what
will be the short and long term outcome of acting or not acting.  I believe
that he is a continuing threat to our way of life, along with quite a few
other gangsters.  Others believe otherwise.


Stacy Smith wrote:

> The thing that gets me is this:  If we're all of a sudden so concerned
> about Saddam's nuclear and biological weapons abilities, why weren't we as
> concerned in 1992?

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