That was a pretty neat trick in northern Yemen, I gotta admit. I just finished
reading Holy War, Inc., by Peter L. Bergen, ex of CNN. He'd just about finished
writing this book, subtitled "The Secret World of Osama bin Laden" when 9-11
happend, so naturally he had to add an extra chapter. Bergen travelled into the
Hadramawt region (believed to be part of the Frankincense Trail where Lehi
travelled, incidentally), home of the bin Laden clan, and also into northern
Yemen, where the translator/driver's job was to stop at checkpoints, grab his
Kalashnikov, and yell at people who also had Kalashnikovs. Pretty interesting

Me, I get my frankincense at a head shop near the downtown Hyatt in Calgary every
year. It's almost as safe, and a lot closer. ;-)

Jim Cobabe wrote:

> John W. Redelfs wrote:
> ---
> Is everyone pretty convinced that Osama bin Laden is still alive?  If he
> is, maybe we should finish that part of the War on Terrorism before
> adding Saddam Hussein to the hit list.
> ---
> If the greatest priority in this situation is to eliminate terrorist
> leaders like OBL and Sadaam, I think the CIA-directed Predator unmanned
> platform for launching a lil'ole Hellfire missle is a fine solution.
> Let the active military operations lay off the guy for a while until the
> spies can spot him, then lay one of these little gifts in his lap.
> Should prove very effective treatment for any irritating folks on the
> list of those we'd never miss.
> The terrorists don't have access to technology like this.  Let them be
> fearing and tremble for a change.
> ---
> Mij Ebaboc
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