Thanks to the stumblebums at S-Cargo Canada [say it out loud and think
French], I often get two issues of the weekly magazines I subscribe to,
at once. This happened today -- with the 04 November issue of the New
Yorker only now getting here, along with the 11 November issue.
Unfortunately that means an absolutely spellbounding article isn't
online anymore, but if there's enough interest, I'll scan the article.
It's about a weird act of vandalism that occurred in Haida Gwai (the
Queen Charlotte Islands), just south of where John lives. The QC's, also
called the Misty Isles, are a mystical and magical place, and the
vandalism involved a 300-year old 160-foot tall (50 metres) ultra-rare
golden Sitka spruce which was cut down by a misfit from the mainland.
Apparently some trees there rival the California redwoods. One Sitka
spruce is said to have left a 17-foot wide (5 metre) stump after it was
cut down.

Golden Sitkas are "chlorotic," which is the result of a rare mutation
which turns their needles yellow instead of green. They can only exist
in a rainy place like John's front yard (Port Charlotte gets 12 feet, or
3.5 metres, of rain a year), and scientists and tourists alike are in
awe of them, and this one was considered practically holy by the Haida,
who called it K'iid K'iyass. On the rare days when there's direct
sunlight, the tree was said to glow. On one tour, tourists were treated
to the incredibly rare sight of an albino raven nesting in its branches
-- said to be one of only two known albino ravens in all of B.C.

The article's called "The Golden Bough," by John Vaillant. It has
absolutely nothing to do with the Gospel, but I thought I'd mention it
in honour of our fearless BLT. And again, I repeat, if there's any
interest, I'd be glad to scan it and either post it privately or email
it to people.

Marc A. Schindler
Spruce Grove, Alberta, Canada -- Gateway to the Boreal Parkland

“Man will occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of the time he
will pick himself up and continue on” – Winston Churchill

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