Just FYI: a copy of a post to Eyring-L. The site for Zoology 475
(Evolution) at BYU, which is taught by Michael Whiting, Duane Jeffery
and others, is at: http://zoology.byu.edu/zool475/  (note the link to
the BYU package on evolution which is sent to anyone asking what BYU's
or the Church's policy on evolution is, together with an introductory
cover note by William E. Evenson, the Dean of the College of Physical
and Mathematical Sciences at BYU, and the author of the Encyclopedia of
Mormonism article on evolution.)

Finding a new species is one thing, finding an entire new order is
downright extraordinary.

In the November 2002 Scientific American is an article by Joachim Adis,
et. al., "Gladiators: a New Order of Insect" about the discovery of a
new order of insects called Mantophasmatodea, because they are like a
"missing link" between mantises (Order Mantodea) and Walkingsticks
(Order Phasmatodea, although I hasten to caution that that term "missing
link" is mine -- no DNA analysis has been completed yet, although it's
in process at the Max Planck Institut at Plön, in northern Germany, and
at BYU and the U. of Leeds.

The LDS scientist is Dr. Michael Whiting, who teaches zoology (including
evolution) at BYU. Here's the quote:

"Other research groups around the world quickly offered to assist in our
continuing studies of the gladiators' behavior, life cycle and
reproduction. Romano Dallai of the University of Siena in Italy is
loking into the shape and structure of the male insect's sperm. Teams
led by Michael F. Whiting of Brigham Young University and Roger K.
Butlin of the University of Leeds are analyzing the gladiators' DNA.
These experiments may by the end of this year give us a clearer picture
of where Mantophasmatodea fits within the branches of the insect class,
the broadest and bushiest part of the tree of life." (Scientific
American, Nov 2002: 65)

Marc A. Schindler
Spruce Grove, Alberta, Canada -- Gateway to the Boreal Parkland

“Man will occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of the time he
will pick himself up and continue on” – Winston Churchill

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