> Yep - I have automated quite a bit at our bookstore, and some
> at my home (because I can never get any time to finish it.
> What area do you have in mind?

Probably my basement family room, to start with. I've been dreaming 
about home automation for many years, and toying with the idea of 
implementation for 2-3 years now. A little over a year ago, I started 
working for the Microsoft eHome division, doing what amounts to home 
automation. I was in heaven for about three weeks. If a massive 
organizational restructuring hadn't moved me to a completely unrelated 
area, I would probably have been knee-deep into it.

I got a call from one of my oldest and dearest friends a few days ago, 
someone I haven't seen in probably twelve years, though he was briefly a 
member of a couple of email lists I was on, including Zion. He was in 
town doing some work at MS as a vendor. We got together for a few hours 
after work and had a wonderful time. He is apparently quite involved in 
home automation, and has rekindled that spark in me. So I just wanted to 
know what others had been doing.

I did a quick search yesterday and found out that, for many people, home 
automation is synonymous with X10. This might be problematic; I think 
X10 technology is a neat idea, but I'm not overly interested in using it 
in my own home, unless I decide it's really the best way. I'd rather 
drill some holes and run wires to each switch and whatnot. So if you've 
been using X10, or if you haven't, I'd like to know your reasoning and 
thoughts, what you've done, what's useful, what isn't, what you'd do 
differently, etc.

Also, do you use voice recognition/control? That's a centerpiece of my 
own ideas, and fairly easily implemented with some of the MS libraries. 
I assume you use a computer (or two, or three) to control your 
automation. Do you use professional or available software, or do you 
"roll your own"?


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