Ah, but I would ("be so sure of that")!  You see, unlike some on this list,
I am willing to be led by President Bush.  I believe that he is honest and
sincere, and that he is no idiot.  I don't take everything as gospel, and I
don't agree with some of what he wants to do, but he will not lead us into
untenable situations.

He has reached agreements with the Ruskies and the French and the Chinese
and the Syrians and other interested parties, all behind the scenes.

Saddam is toast.

By the way, to offset all the history revisionists, if you remember, under
Bush 41 we acted FIRST, and then built a coalition, not the other way
around.  Does anyone need the history lesson, or do you remember now?  (Dan,
I'm not saying you said this, it just popped into my mind as a result of
this post.)


Dan R Allen wrote:

> Jon:
> It wouldn't matter if they did - they wouldn't honor them.  Especially
> considering their votes today in the UN.
> Dan:
> I wouldn't be so sure of that...

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