Well, good luck with Gould, but I think you'll find it tough slogging. If you want
just a taste, and a kind of apologetics, I'd go for Rocks of Ages first. Or Miller
-- he explains some of the common misconceptions about evolution, like confusion
between origin of species and origin of life (which scientists *do* speculate
about, but it's not part of evolution), or probability arguments and the like, and
actually turns one of the atheist arguments -- the "god gene" -- on its head.

I never knew Pres. Smith knew anything about Marxist dialectics. Ya learn something
new every day! ;-)

"John W. Redelfs" wrote:

> An excellent list, Marc.  It sounds like I should read Gould's THE
> STRUCTURE OF EVOLUTIONARY THEORY.  And if it is over my head, I should
> learn the prerequisites.
> If you recall, I also asked you for the best book-length argument against
> evolution.

Ah, sorry -- I must have missed that in my zeal to compile the evolution list. I
would say the best arguments against evolution these days come from the camp known
as Intelligent Design. I don't agree with them, but as I say, they make the best
arguments. Names to look for are Michael Behe (a biochemist) and William Dembski
(also a lawyer named Philip Johnson has written on the topic, but he doesn't
approach it quite as scientifically as the other two).

Dembski's written (actually edited) a book called "Mere Creation: Science, Faith
and Intelligent Design" which looks at more than just evolution, but the origin of
life. *The* book in ID is Behe's "Darwin's Black Box: the Biochemical Challenge to

Justin Hart, who's written for Meridian Magazine, knows a lot about this field and
is a proponent of it. If you want I can put you in touch with him.

Thought of another resource, incidentally. It's an article that was in a recent
Scientific American and was meant to summarize arguments *against* anti-evolution
arguments, if you follow. In other words, it is a deliberate apologetic for
evolution. It's online, at

Good luck. I admire your pluck. (no rhyme intended)

> Because you are an expert, I just naturally assume that you
> know both sides of the argument.  And to become educate in the matter
> myself, I need to study the best available on both sides of the issue.  It
> would not be good thinking to pit the best on one side against the merely
> mediocre on the other.
> In any case, you have already provided us with an admirable survey of the
> literature on one side of the discussion, and for that I thank you.  I
> think my sig below fits this thread, don't you?
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