Have been trying to post this for over a month, but Topica kept locking 
me out of the Zion list.  These are my notes from conference, and I 
wonder if I can get your thoughts.  Perhaps you'll even be able to 
correct any errors in my transcriptions.  And I'm cc-ing some of the 
smartest people I know to see if they can contribute, even though 
they're not on the Zion list.  Since these are quick notes taken even as 
speakers were speaking, they're going to consist of incomplete phrases.  
When I was able to get the exact words of the speaker, I enclosed said 
words in quotation marks.  Here goes --

Saturday morning session

President Hinckley - We near the completion of the (task/prophecy)to 
preach to every tongue and nation.  
 - Go to the temples & carry on the work.  Learn covenant.

Elder Perry - Go and bring forth fruit.

Edler Unchtdorf - Global church.  "They (pioneers) are my spiritual 
ancestry."  "There may be times when we feel discouraged" etc.  "There 
IS balm in Gilead."  Things should be "done in wisdom and IN ORDER." 
"Are we using our time...wisely?"  Hold FHE!

Sister Marlowe (? can't read my scribble) - Exclamation points!!! 
Prophets are clear in our abilities to teach children AND SPOUSE.  Why 
we should be as little children: "We are all little children compared to 
Jesus." and "Little children have a good imagination." This in regards 
to being able to believe that Jesus will make us perfect (?).

Elder Maxwell - True disciples will retain faith throughout.  "In the 
world, ye shall have tribulations...but I have overcome the world."  
"Though we live in a failing world, we were not sent here to fail."  
"God is in the details."  "Believe in order to understand."

President Faust - Attitudes of "What's in it for me?" seem prevalent. 

Elder Wickam - defined a contrite spirit and a broken heart.

Elder Dellenbach - Latter-day Saints covenant with the Lord to 

Elder Holland - True faith has always been linked to sacrifice.  "The 
sacrifice people like you make to rescue people like me."

Elder Nelson - Terrorism in new places.  Family feuding.  Become a saint 
through the atonement of Christ.  Love your enemies and bless them that 
curse you.  Whosoever is angry ... is in danger of the judgement.  "As a 
church, we must renounce war and proclaim peace."

 - That's one session down.  Priesthood session to follow in next post. 

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