- continuing stray notes from General Conference -

Saturday evening priesthood session.

President Packer - Patriarchal blessings.

Elder Ballard - Today's battle more dangerous than Lamanites vs 
Nephites.  Paul described "a night of prime-time television." [i.e. - 
the horrible times Paul described are on our TV sets each night.]  More 
is expected of young people (& missionaries) than ever before - and more 
is expected of their parents.  "Just because you've been released from 
your (calling) doesn't mean you were released from the Church."

President Faust - Little engine that could.

President Monson - Lehi's dream described pornography (mists of darkness 
description).. "If you do not magnify your calling, God will hold you 

President Hinckley - "I feel like a little blue engine.  I hope I can, I 
hope I can."  [Chet interjects:  Little BLUE engine??]  This must never 
become a "paid" church.  "We must be aware of the burdens bishops & 
priesthood leaders carry."  Effective 11/1 -
 - Temple recommends will be valid for TWO years instead of one.  "We 
must raise the bar" of qualifications for missionaries (and 
 - Farewell and return sacrament meetings, modified.  Departing 
missionaries get 15-20 minutes, but no family.  "We know this will be a 
great disappointment.  Where a farewell is already planned, it may go 
forward.  Brothers, see if you can convince your wives."
 - Perpetual Education Fund.  Around 5,000 are being educated who might 
have had no opportunity.
 - FHE is fading in too many areas.  "There is NOTHING more important!  
In the increasing rush of our lives..."
 - Self-reliance.  Set aside food and savings.  "I do not predict 
impending disaster, but every home owner carries fire insurance..." 
Begin modestly, in a small way.  Save a little money monthly.  Avoid 2d 
(and 3d!!) mortgages.
 - Moral Discipline.  Stay away from moral inequity.  Don't observe it, 
don't listen to it!  It will not be easy.  Adversary is clever, 
well-written or acted.  "Small beginnings lead to great tragedies."  
Said he will not tolerate abuse.  "Child abuse is an affront to God!" (I 
could hear the exclamation mark.)  He called to those tempted to seek 
help and talk to their bishops. 

  - We'll let these set for awhile, and then will post some Sunday 
notes.  Perhaps I've missed the boat as far as discussing conference 
talks.  Certainly these would have made for better discussion in 
October.  Can I continue to blame Topica? -

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