Thanks for the link. Most people concentrate on the better-known, but extremist,
meaning. It means nothing more nor less than "crusade". And does that make Campus
Crusade for Christ a "Christianist extremist group?"

Steven Montgomery wrote:

> At 08:25 PM 11/11/2002, Gary wrote:
> >Their Jihad is on the same level as the Christian Crusades. Those who
> >went on the Crusades were promised everlasting life. They were told to
> >use whatever means to obtain the holy city. And they did. They were
> >ruthless, killing men, women and children. They even toppled
> >Constantinople, an Orthodox Christian city!
> >
> >So it is with the Jihad today. It is a holy war. In holy war, or a
> >Crusade, people will do whatever is necessary to obtain victory and
> >heaven.
> For an interesting look at the various meanings behind Jihad, including
> that of the Islamic Fundamentalists, I recommend:
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