Putin has an agenda. It starts with "Ch" and ends in "ya".

Gary Smith wrote:

> Here's a news article I just found:
> West in mortal danger from Islam, says Putin
> http://news.telegraph.co.uk/news/main.jhtml?xml=/news/2002/11/12/wput12.x
> ml
> By Ambrose Evans-Pritchard in Brussels and Julius Strauss in Moscow
> (Filed: 12/11/2002)
> Islamic radicals are pursuing the systematic annihilation of non-Muslims,
> President Vladimir Putin claimed yesterday.
> The Russian leader said at a European Union summit in Brussels that
> western civilisation faced a mortal threat from Muslim terrorists, and
> claimed that they had plans to create a "worldwide caliphate".
> President Vladimir Putin
> His words overshadowed the main achievement of the summit, which was to
> end years of wrangling over Moscow's isolated enclave in Kaliningrad.
> The EU and Russia reached a compromise deal that will prevent Russian
> citizens from being cut off in the Baltic port as the EU's borders move
> east in 2004.
> Mr Putin said the world no longer faced isolated acts of terrorism but a
> "concerted effort and programme" by a global network bent on slaughter,
> perhaps with nuclear weapons.
> He said the West should face up to the reality that Chechen terrorists
> were religious extremists in league with al-Qa'eda, rather than a
> separatist movement seeking a breakaway republic.
> If the West failed to deal with the Chechen terrorist threat, he said,
> there would be repeats of the Moscow theatre siege and the Bali bombing
> "all over the world".
> Mr Putin secured a joint EU-Russian action plan to fight terrorism at the
> mini-summit, but he was firmly warned that Europe would not give Russia
> carte blanche in its fight against terrorism, particularly after reports
> that fragmentation bombs were being used widely against civilians in
> Chechnya.
> Privately, EU diplomats said Mr Putin was playing the al-Qa'eda card for
> all it was worth, seeing it as a useful way to create a sense of common
> purpose with the West and heighten the strategic value of Russia.
> </unquote>
> So although I'm sure it is partially rhetoric on Putin's part, it is
> based on actual events and truth. Islamic attacks are happening on most
> continents (none on Antarctica, so far). Why? Because they are wanting to
> establish power throughout the earth, seeing a Millennial day of their
> own, when all would be Muslim.
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