Hey Zionisti:
   Has anyone heard from Gary Smith?  The tornados that went through here hit Alabama, 
and the town hit there was flattened.  I think Gary lives very near where it hit 
there, so I'm just worrying--hopefully needlessly.
   The tornado that went through Indiana in through Van Wert, Ohio was the worst since 
1974--an F4.  In that 1974 tornado, we lost five members of the church, from the Ft. 
Wayne Ward.  I was a kid in high school, and four of the five who died were young 
women, and three of them were in a dance troupe that I was in readying for the dance 
festival (remember when they used to do those?).  All of them were in a van driven by 
Don Richards, who also died leaving a wife and 5 children--the youngest a newborn.
    Whenever we have weather like this, I remember that, and Palm Sunday 1965--which 
heavily damaged the area I live in.  
   I hope Gary is OK, alive AND well.

your sis in Mishawaka, Indiana

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