After much pondering, Irwin Delay favored us with:
Hello, my name is Irwin Delay. I recently joined the list. Although I am not
a Latter-day Saint, I have been reading LDS literature for the past three
years. Also, I am engaged to a Latter-day Saint.
Welcome to the list, Irwin. Congratulation on your engagement. I hope that you will join the Church and take your sweetheart to the temple. That is what all good Latter-day Saints girls want.

I must respond to the statements of Gerald Smith. Let me first say I am an
unapologetic, flaming liberal.
There is nothing wrong with being a flaming liberal if one doesn't know any better. Tell us something about your history. Perhaps we can figure out what went wrong. <grin>

I do not think the Democratic party is controlled by the socialist.
Whether the Democratic party is controlled by socialists or not is all in the eye of the beholder. Not everyone defines "socialist" the same way. For instance, to me a "socialist" is anyone who advocates government redistribution of the wealth from those who produce wealth to those who don't. Using that definition the Democratic party is definitely controlled by socialists. But then using that definition, the Republicans are also controlled by socialists. So what's the difference except in rhetoric?

Also, the problem I have with the idea of states' rights is the fact of what happened to African Americans forty years ago. Were blacks in the south expected to migrate en masse to the north to escape segregation?
The rest of us have to migrate to other states when conditions are not right in the states where we live. Why not southern blacks? Think of all the families that left the dust bowl states during the Great Depression and migrated to Southern California. Think of all those in Detroit who migrated to Houston when the auto industry was laying off back in the 1960s. Moving to where there are better conditions is the American tradition. We wouldn't even have been able to settle this country if it weren't for immigration from some states to others.

A strong federal government is a must in order to protect the rights of the minority.
This looks good as far as it goes, but you are leaving something out. A strong federal government inevitably tramples upon the rights of the majority too. Is that better? Not only that, a strong federal government also tramples upon the rights of minorities, maybe not your favorite minority, but minorities nevertheless.

Historically, one of the principle reasons the USA has been a free country has been a small federal government and strong state governments that were truly independent. Whenever there is a great concentration of power in any organization, power gets abused. Man are not angels, and when they get great power they abuse it. The whole purpose for our Constitution, the reason it was drafted and ratified in the first place was to limit the power of the federal government with a system of checks and balances. Otherwise, we would have just been another tin pot dictatorship or petty kingdom.

Incidentally, I think that flaming liberals are right about a lot of things, but not all. I am opposed to the concept of legal plunder which is using the law to steal from one man and give it to another. And the Democrats have pretty much built their party on that concept.

On the other hand, I think that there has to be a higher principle served than the almighty dollar. Most of the conservatives and Republicans in this country are money grubbers and are economic conservatives only, not social conservatives. They care only for their wallets and nothing about social justice. I don't particularly like the liberal ideas of social justice, but at least they elevate them above monetary considerations. Or at least that is what they say. Who knows what they really think? Hypocrisy is so rampant in our world. And on the whole I think that Republicans are far my hypocritical than Democrats. Of course Democrats are a lot more likely to be perverts. So take your pick: Hypocrites or perverts.

I guess things aren't really going to be right until the Savior comes.

"Atheistic humanism is the opiate of the self-described
intellectuals" --Uncle Bob
All my opinions are tentative pending further data. --JWR

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