My mother-in-law, not a member, saved an article on this from the Charlotte
observer and gave it to my wife.  We found the manufacturer and have
arranged to carry their lines (if we can cough up the cash to fund yet
another venture :-).  There is a market for this type of dress here in the
South from the Baptists.  Who knows?  This may end up improving their
opinion of our church.


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>From this morning's "Social Studies" in the Globe and Mail:

 Modest attire
      Last month, a group of Mormon mothers and the Nordstrom department
store in Costa Mesa, Calif., presented a "modesty" fashion show for
teenage girls. Nordstrom was able to come up with eight formal dress
styles and Mormon families helped by enlisting two other designers,
reports the Los Angeles Times. "In a hint of pent-up demand and a
potential market niche for retailers, 900 free tickets were snapped up
shortly after the show was announced . . . Organizers had to turn away
other fashion-conservative teens -- including Roman Catholics, Jews,
Protestants and Muslims -- whose religion dictates modesty. . . .
Fashion experts say Mormons aren't the only families tired of having
only provocative choices when shopping for dressy girls' clothes. This
miniature cultural counterrevolution could lead retailers to recognize
that there's a profitable market . . . in activewear for teens as well."

[thanks to Eileen Bell for drawing this to my attention]

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