> Marc Schindler:
> >> (Is Spruce Grove near Cold Lake?)
> > Define close.
> Thanks for the map and info.  I didn't realize Spruce Grove
> was near Edmonton.  I don't define that as close in this
> instance.
> I spend two weeks at Cold Lake back in the 80s when I
> was flying on the E-3 AWACS (Airborne Warning and
> Control System).  Had a fun little exercise, militarily
> speaking, and I thoroughly enjoyed my stay there and
> getting to meet a few of the members.

I'll bet half of them were named Hatch, right?  Each of Mark's and my wards, which
meet in the same chapel in Spruce Grove (his ward covers, to simplify, the parts
of the county west of the city of Spruce Grove itself, such as Stony Plain and
Onoway), have a prominent Hatch family (the two men are brothers, and I even dated
their younger sister once when I was in university). They all come from Cherry

> That's also how I knew about the water tower.  It was a
> very funny story, but you would have to be an air traffic
> controller to really understand it, although I might try to
> tell it some day if I should happen to feel in top writing
> form.

I'd look forward to it.  Cold Lake is one of three fighter wing commands (the
other two being in Ontario and Quebec) for Canadian Forces Air Command (what used
to be the RCAF, iow) and a lot of NATO training takes place there. The cruise
missile was tested there, among other places, because the Primrose Lake Air
Weapons Range resembles the muskeg of large parts of Siberia (and it's big enough
that if you make a mistake in targetting, it's no big deal!)

> Larry Jackson

Marc A. Schindler
Spruce Grove, Alberta, Canada -- Gateway to the Boreal Parkland

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