I read that. Be careful with John Pratt -- he's into some pretty scary stuff
involving signs and tokens in his own semi-public ceremonies involving what he
calls the Enoch calendar. Details available upon request. But more to the point,
and staying away from personal attacks, he discusses a book that's making quite a
splash ("Why God Won't Go Away") but fails to note that while this book is popular
-- it was mentioned on Indigo.ca's main page the last time I was there (Indigo is
Canada's largest book chain) -- it has received poor reviews from scientists for
its poor science. It's one thing to criticize a book for its conclusions, but if
it misrepresents itself, that's a problem, and the poor reviews are, in my
opinion, well-founded. Why? I won't get into the science per se, but the two guys
who wrote it, while they have scientific bona fides, are a little out of their
field when it comes to philosophy. They ironically try to show that there is a
spiritual plane which exists in the physical world, a view that's known as
reductionism, or rationalist materialism, and a philosophy we LDS would have a
hard time with. It's the basis for atheism: that all so-called spirituality has a
physical basis. My worry on behalf of Meridian is "blow back" when some of the
nonsense Pratt's into backfire onto a very nice couple (the Proctors, who put out

Steven Montgomery wrote:

> Hardwired for God?
> http://www.ldsmag.com/sci_rel/021112wired.html
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> Steven Montgomery
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