At 07:24 11/15/2002 -0900, BLT wrote:
After much pondering, Larry Jackson favored us with:
"Alottanukes Soon" is not the sort of title I would expect to
see in a professional magazine or journal.  It is the sort of
title I would expect my friends to make up when joking around
on a weekend evening.  This, in and of itself, of course does
not make the article untrue.  It is just a flag.
I completely missed the "Alottnukes Soon" in the byline. I am embarrassed that I passed on a hoax. I don't do that very often. Normally, I consider World Net Daily to be a pretty reliable source of information, keeping in mind that I don't think that any sources of information are reliable. How do you like that for a contradiction?

Anyway, sorry I posted something fraudulent to the list. How embarrasing. I hope that World Net Daily is embarrassed too.

Actually, John, I was grateful for the opportunity to read it. There was much in there that rings true. "His" criticisms of the western economy are valid, none-the-less. There are things in there that should give us all pause to reflect on our own values and where we stand. For that, it was a useful tool. For we all know the prophesies that must come to pass, and these are certainly plausible scenarios (scenarii?) Responding on a personal level as though it were a real danger is not a bad thing to do. Restocking the larder, checking those water supplies one more time, knowing how to make this or that...... they're all good exercises to occupy our time.


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