China early on gave stuff to India, but hasn't for about 20 years.
Instead, they now tend to be with Pakistan on issues, and have given much
technology to Pakistan.

China views it as part of their regional balance of power. They keep
Pakistan and India on each other, so neither will cause problems with
China. However, if ever there were a war between Pakistan and India,
China would quickly jump in on Pakistan's side. The USA would have to
defend the democracy in India. This gives both China and us an incentive
to keep the two kids in that area from going to war, as it would probably
pull us both in.

K'aya K'ama,
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This seems to contradict the information that Gary is providing.  He says

that China doesn't share technology with India because they don't like 
India, but that it has provided technology to Pakistan.  I have read that

China provided complete delivery systems to Pakistan, in violation of 
nonproliferation treaties that China was a signatory to, even as the USA 
was extending PNTR (Permanent Normal Trade Relations) to them.

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