Except that what often happens is that the only people who can do the jobs that
are privatized are the civil servants themselves. So they get laid off, picked up
at a fraction of the salary (and no benefits) by "service companies" and go back
to work for the government as contract employees. The service company skims off a
measly 100% management fee, and the government actually ends up paying more in the
end. But I wish 'em well -- maybe they'll find another way around this.

Gary Smith wrote:

> Neal Boortz (Libertarian talk radio host) wrote today:
> On Monday the Federal Register will publish a plan by President Bush to
> allow private companies to compete with federal workers for contracts to
> provide government services.  This is easily one of the boldest policy
> moves in my memory.  This is bigger than his tax cuts, bigger than his
> Department of Homeland Security.  The goal here is to put 850,000 federal
> jobs up for bids to the private sector.  According to the Bush
> administration, the taxpayers of this country should save about 30% on
> each successfully bid contract.
> ===========
> This is good. I'd like to see many of the processes privatized. If we can
> save even 20 percent, imagine the cost savings in taxes for us!!!!
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