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7 nukes in U.S., warns al-Qaida
Man claiming to be top bin Laden operative threatens to kill
destroy economy
Posted: November 14, 2002
9:20 p.m. Eastern
 2002 WorldNetDaily.com

Terrorists have placed seven nuclear bombs in as many U.S. cities and will
soon detonate them, causing millions of casualties, massive panic and
destroying the world's biggest economy, warns a top al-Qaida operative in an
interview with Al-Jazeera television in Qatar.
While much of the world's attention has been riveted on Al-Jazeera's
broadcast of an audiotape apparently made by Osama bin Laden, this more
specific threat aired on the station has received scant media coverage.
The spectacular threats were made by a man claiming to be Mohammed
al-Usuquf, reputedly al-Qaida's No. 3 operative. Al-Usuquf is said to be a
doctor in physics who holds a master's degree in international economics. A
copy of the interview was sent to the prestigious Arab-language daily Al
Quds Al Arabi, edited in London, but it was not printed.
Parts of the interview were published by Asia Times, which could confirm
neither the identity of the man nor his membership in al-Qaida.
Al-Usuquf says al-Qaida's Kuwaiti spokesman, Sulaiman Abu Ghaith, and bin
Laden himself, suggested that he grant the interview. Bin Laden, he says, is
"alive and healthy, along with his commanders Mohammed Atef, Khalid Shaik
Mohammed and Mullah Omar."
While Al-Usuquf begins the interview by criticizing Washington for its
positions on the Kyoto Protocol on climatic change, the International
Criminal Court, the Palestinian cause and for its "financial greed," he
concludes by saying America must be destroyed.
"Aircraft carriers, nuclear submarines and spy satellites will be worthless
in the next war," he says.  Al-Qaida has 5,000 first-rank operatives and
around 20,000 others all over the world.
"We have more than 500 first-rank and 800 second-rank [operatives] inside
the U.S.," he says.
He explains that "first rank" means they have lived in the U.S. for more
than 10 years, most of them married with children.
"They have an idea about the plans, and they are just waiting for a call."
"Second-rank" operatives arrived in the past five years and "have no idea
about the plans," he says.
All are willing to die for the cause, he says. 
Sept. 11 "was just the beginning," says al-Usuquf. "It was a way to call the
world's attention to what's going to happen."
He details a plan to destroy the U.S. by "attacking the heart of what they
(Americans) consider the most important thing in the world -money."
This economic cataclysm will be prompted, he says, by "destroying America's
seven largest cities and some other measures" with "atomic bombs."
The bombs "won't be launched," he says. "They are already there.  Seven
nuclear heads have already been positioned on American soil, before Sept.
11, and they are ready to be detonated. Before Sept. 11, American security
was a fiasco, and even later, if we needed, we could position the bombs
there. They arrived through seaports as normal cargo. A nuclear head is not
bigger than a fridge, so it can easily be camouflaged as one. Thousands of
containers arrive at a seaport every day, and even with very efficient
security, it's impossible to check and examine each one of them."
Al-Usuquf says the bombs were bought on the black market - five from the
former USSR and two from Pakistan. The five Russian heads "are from T-3
missiles, also known as RD-107, and their power is around 100 kilotons each.
That is five times the Hiroshima bomb. The Pakistani ones are less powerful,
something around 10 kilotons each."
Each of the Russian bombs would have cost around $200 million, claims
Al-Ususquf. Al-Qaida was able to raise the money "because we have many
sponsors. Many countries sponsor us, and also some very rich people."
Not all of the sponsoring nations are Arab countries, he says. "Some
European countries as well are interested in the fall of the U.S." As to the
"rich people," they are "people who are also tired of seeing the U.S.
bleeding the rest of the world."
Iraq's Saddam Hussein, says Al-Usuquf, is not one of these people, "but just
a collaborator, represented by Abdul Tawab Hawaish, his vice prime minister
and responsible for Iraq's arms program."
Al-Usuquf says that the bombs cannot be detected by U.S. authorities.  "Even
if they are old, they were modernized and are very well hidden," he told
Al-Jazeera. "Even if they were located, they have auto-detonation mechanisms
in case something or someone gets close. Even an electromagnetic pulse is
not capable of deactivating them."
The bombs allegedly cannot be detected because "they are enveloped in thick
layers of lead." They could be detonated "by various methods -cellphone
call, radio frequency, seismic shock or by their regressive clock."
Al-Usuquf details the whole plan in the Al-Jazeera interview.  "First, one
head would be detonated, which would cause the deaths of 800,000 to 1
million people and a chaos never seen before," he said. "During this chaos,
two or three planes, which are now disassembled inside barns near empty
roads in the U.S. countryside, would take off in suicide missions to
pulverize another two or three big American cities with chemicals. Once the
disease was identified, all seaports and airports would be quarantined. Land
borders would also be closed. No plane, boat or car would enter or leave the
U.S. This would
be total chaos."
The first target would be the city "that would offer the best conditions,
for example bright sky and winds of eight or more
miles an hour blowing toward the center of the country, so radioactive dust
can contaminate the largest possible area."
This attack would not knock out the U.S, recognizes al-Usuquf. "But the
process would be initiated," he explains. "As with the World Trade Center,
it would be just a question of time for the whole economic structure to be
turned to dust. If the objectives are reached with one bomb and diseases,
probably we will save the lives of other people, but it's risky, and
probably six more bombs will be detonated, one a week, and more attacks with
chemical weapons will be launched."
According to estimates made by al-Usuquf and Ayman al-Zawahiri, al-Qaida's
No. 2 man and a physician, about 15 million people would die, victims of the
bombs and the radiation. Among those contaminated by diseases, "25 percent
will die, a figure around more than 5 million, plus many others due to the
chaos and disorder."
But the real cost will be the American economy, says al-Usuquf.  The world
economy would not collapse, says al-Usuquf, although "in the beginning, it
will be very difficult. But without the U.S., the world will soon rise in a
more just and fraternal manner. Nothing can stop the plan."
And whatever America does, "it's too late."
Al-Usuquf refused to give any indication as to when the attacks would begin.

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