It's funny, though. When I was a salesman I used to get hassled a lot at the US
border. Once I was delayed for 2 hours at Niagara Falls. I won't get into the
details, it was just pure egotism on the part of one particular officer and not at
all typical of the politeness that is the norm, in my experience. But I did get
questioned a lot. Even my son, when he went to Provo to the MTC, had to get a
special visa and he had all the paperwork, which Salt Lake had sent him, and it
was only supposed to take 15 minutes. But because he was eventually going to
Russia, it took an hour and he had to run to catch his plane.

But as a provincial civil servant, I have *never* been stopped. Always just a few
perfunctory questions, a smile, and I'm on my way.

Jon Spencer wrote:

> Hence the need to kill the current INS.  It has been a gov't boondoggle
> travesty for decades.  But be careful!  These folks are part of a Union!
> This story has been repeated in other forms thousands of times.  it is very
> good to bring these to light and finally get people mad enough to perhaps
> maybe do something.
> Jon
> Marc A. Schindler wrote:
> Michel Jalbert, the francophone jailed for doing what the INS said was
> perfectly legal in a 1991 letter, was released on bail yesterday, as I
> reported, but it turns out that before he could leave Bangor, he was
> arrested again by INS officials. On what grounds? For being in the
> country illegally, even though it's for that charge (amongst others)
> that he is to be tried for in January, and for which trial he was
> granted bail. This case is getting stranger and stranger all the time.
> He doesn't get the bail money back, either, so he's in jail, and out the
> bail money. There's something that smacks of double jeopardy -- even
> "triple" jeopardy here.
> Never mind an obscure logger from a town no one's ever heard of before
> (even in Quebec) -- just think of what this could mean if your new
> Homeland Security ministry acts this way towards US citizens. Yeah,
> okay, I'm scare-mongering, but so be it.
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