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That's a darned good question. The Sufis use this saying (that's a mystical branch
of Sunni Islam especially common in Egypt and Turkey), and it's also well known in
Catholic and Mennonite traditions.

My guess is that it came into creedal Christianity as an aphorism via Augustine,
but that's a guess. In any case, John 17:14-16 would appear to be the original NT
source as far as Christianity is concerned. That's my contribution, anyway.

It doesn't really say the same thing, though. It's obvious (to me, anyway), that when we're here in mortality, that we are "in the world" physically. I'm not sure that is what this little ditty is necessarily implying. I'm tryng to find out if thing has substance, or if it's one of those apocryphal folk tales. Nibley claims that we are commanded to "go out from the world". I'm trying to get through the word games and figure out just what is being commanded and what is being suggested by conventional "wisdom", i.e., the philosophies of men, mingled with scripture. Identifying the source for this saying (with it's context) will help me immeasurably to sort out the scripture from the philosophy.


"Elmer L. Fairbank" wrote:

> OK, Zionisti, research time.
> "In the world but not of it" or something of it's ilk. What's the source
> of the saying?
> Till the questioning
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