I vote for people, not parties.


At 07:21 PM 11/17/2002 -0600, you wrote:

I believe the US government will fall eventually from bloat and
corruption. It may be that an outside attack will help it fall, but only
if the inside is rotten.

I don't have a problem with a state having an active government. Those
who don't like it can always move. But a federal government should only
step in when absolutely necessary (like during war or a depression), and
then step back afterward.

I think there are many good people still in government. However, the
rotten ones and radical ones have taken over the lecterns and pulpits, so
there is no true discourse today. I believe this to be true on both sides
of the aisle. I'm a strong believer in what George Washington warned us
about in his farewell speech: to beware political parties, and to only
vote for individuals, not political platforms. Because we now vote for
parties, people vote without thinking. They allow the party to move the
populace, rather than the people moving the agenda.  One can be led like
a dumb ox, or one can lead the dumb ox.  But the 10% rule comes in here.
One must be 10% smarter than the ox, in order to move it. Political
parties dumb down. They move from issues and ideas to just defending the
turf against the other guy. We've seen this from both major parties here
in the US.

It is hoped that people are righteous enough to be able to maintain our
government and freedoms without a major wake up. However, if our
government were to topple, I guarantee you that it wouldn't automatically
be replaced by another one based on our Constitution. Many groups will
jump in, telling how antiquated our Constitution is, and that it should
be replaced with a modern government (pick your poison: fascist,
communist, socialist, etc) that seems to be democratic, but is in reality
a totalitarian regime.  We see this today in Iraq, where all the people
just happened to vote for Saddam Hussein, who just happened to be running
unopposed, and where people can't actually cast a secret ballot, so will
have great incentive to vote for him.  Democracy/Republican government
becomes a formality, part of the ritual. It is like the whited sepulchres
that Jesus warned the Pharisees of becoming. They were pretty on the
outside, but the inside was full of dried up bones.

How easy will it be for the elders of Israel to step in and save the
Constitution when it hangs by a thread? Depends on how righteous the
Elders of Israel are, and how soon they step in to save the Constitution.
It may very well be that the Church members must go through severe trials
and purgings prior to being ready to establish a righteous government

K'aya K'ama,
Gerald/gary  Smith    gszion1 @juno.com    http://www
"No one is as hopelessly enslaved as the person who thinks he's free."  -
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


What is your current belief concerning the United States?  Does it need
be destroyed in its present form--White House, Congressional buildings,
Pentagon, etc., as Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden think or should it
remain with its current governmental structural architecture?  I know
the Constitutional government should remain, but there could be a radical

change in administration if all our forms of government become much
due to the House and Senate leadership being destroyed by these
characters.  Will the future Congress be holding sessions in the parking


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