> I've long suspected that psychoactive drugs, while helping
> someone to feel better, also lessens perception of personal
> revelation.  Am I right?

I'm no authority on the matter, but I believe you are. As a general 
rule, it seems transparently obvious to me that altering one's brain 
chemistry can't lead to closer communion with the Spirit of God. 
Individual exceptions doubtless exist regarding those who supplement 
their natural deficiencies with attempted replacement; for example, I 
doubt epilepsy _per se_ brings people unto Christ, so Dilantin or 
something of the sort may well put those so afflicted in a literally 
better frame of mind.

One of my favorite missionary companions, who became a close personal 
friend both during and after my mission, told me of his pre-mission, 
pre-Church-activity drug usage. He said that, in retrospect, a cocaine 
high reminded him of nothing so much as a deep spiritual experience -- 
except that there was no communion with the Spirit, and that true 
spirituality doesn't end with a "crash" that leaves the person suicidal. 
He believed that many drug users crave this feeling of spiritual peace 
and serenity, and that's why they become addicted.

I realize you probably weren't talking about illegal drug usage, but I 
thought it a relevant insight anyway.


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