The sky was clear here in Enoch but, alas, not many shooting stars. The moon was just too bright.

Steven Montgomery

At 12:27 PM 11/19/2002, you wrote:
Bummer: I happened to be up at 0230 - 0600 because of a suspected subdural
haematoma which not even 10 T-3's in 24 hours had put a dent into (not the most
pleasant experience). It was almost certainly a severe migraine, as it turned out.
I went to emergency and got a shot of toradol and that finally cut the pain and I
went to sleep. But I was acutely aware of the weather. Mostly cloudy, and a very
bright full moon. Nary a shooting star in sight.

Ronn Blankenship wrote:

> At 07:46 PM 11/18/02, Marc Schindler wrote:
> >For those who don't already know, tonight's supposed to be the storm of
> >the century wrt the Leonids (the best show since the 1860s according to
> >a local astronomer). Prime viewing time in the Mountain Standard Time
> >Zone is 04:00 - 06:00 (well before dawn up here, which won't arrive
> >until about 08:30), but the weather forecast is mostly cloudy -- better
> >viewing weather in southern Alberta. Also, we have a near full moon,
> >which may screen some of the dimmer meteorites. But I have my alarm
> >clock set anyway!
> Well, the weather forecast for here turned out to be 100% correct: it is
> completely overcast. I could barely make out where the Moon is in the
> west. And these clouds are supposed to turn into the *other* kind of
> showers later today . . .
> At least there are the memories of last year's storm . . .
> -- Ronn! :)
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