Several JTF2 units have been rotated out of Afghanistan, specifically
two sniper units, 6-3-Alpha A and 6-3-Alpha B. They have some
interesting stories about sharing their sleeping positions (they didn't
have bags, they just slept with plant and sand camouflage) with
scorpions and snakes, but the worst thing they faced was US Apache
helicopters, who sometimes mistook them for Taliban. But their successes
made a big difference, along with those of their US and British
counterparts. 6-3-Alpha's motto is "one shot, one kill," and they have
modified rifles that shoot steel-jacketed extra-powerful rounds that can
pierce even light armour (including kevlar bulletproof shields). 2250
metres was the previous military distance kill record, set in Vietnam
(official; obviously many covert successes don't make it into the book)
but a Newfoundland MCpl made a 2430 m kill in Afghanistan that is
apparently now the world record. The Taliban never even knew he was in
anyone's scopes, and wouldn't even have heard the shot before he died.
Each unit consisted of 3 men, and Mike Smith of the CBC interviewed them
for an item on the news this morning (5 of them, actually -- a 6th
member was seconded to them from the US Special Forces in an exchange
program. Naturally he got nicknamed "Zee" which, I understand, is a
popular brand of toilet paper in the US...).

Marc A. Schindler
Spruce Grove, Alberta, Canada -- Gateway to the Boreal Parkland

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