My regular diatribe on this question--

Those of us who now need or have needed psychotrophic drugs for personal 
maintenance face serious enough challenges in life, without having to 
contend with unqualified people who presume to know all about our 
illnesses and afflictions.  And sadly, there is no end to the stigma 
attached to any manifestation of mental illness.  In spite of all the 
talk denying that such unfair discrimination exists, anyone who has been 
there has probably found himself more tightly restrained than by any 
strong guys in white coats, strait jackets, or padded rooms.

When we need drugs to sustain our lives, a chemical that restores 
balance to the physical function of the brain is not different from the 
insulin that allows a diabetic to supplement the insufficient function 
of his pancreas.  There are any number of additional parallels.  Yet 
sufferers from mental illness are still a special class of people in our 
society, reserved for generally unwarranted special treatment, and 
generally unfavorable discrimination.

Please never attempt to discourage anyone from taking the drugs that are 
in the current array of defenses against mental illness.  Many of these 
drugs have unpleasant side effects that we would just as soon not have 
to deal with.  Even more important, we inflict the shame of stigma upon 
our own selves, and taking medicine for such an illness seems like 
admitting to yourself that you're something less than an worthy person.  
Yet these drugs might well help some of us make something hopeful and 
worthwhile from a life that would otherwise languish and be wasted in 

If you need such drugs, don't let anyone discourage you from taking them 
as directed by your doctor.  Always remember to take your pills on 

Remember too that we are not alone in bearing such burdens, and don't be 
discouraged by the idle talk of people that don't understand your 
problems.  We do what we must to survive, and face another day.  To 
endure to the end is our mission.  Even if it takes a few pills to help 
us get by.

Mij Ebaboc

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