Marc, the francized German tonight, and then we hand 'em off to Mark the
Scandihoovian tomorrow afternoon, and they'll be out in the boondocks in Onoway
tomorrow night, then Sunday they're off for Prince Rupert via Jasper and Prince

Tom Matkin wrote:

> Wonder why you aren't seeing any posts from our BLT?  It's because he's
> on his international tour. Did you forget or what?  Last night John and
> his daughter Becky stayed at our house and then this morning I went to a
> temple session with them before pointing them north and wishing them
> well for the rest of their trip back to Alaska.  They should be in
> Edmonton around the supper hour where they will hook up with one or both
> of the Marx brothers, I think, before veering to the west.
> Tom

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