>>> Stacy wrote:
>I have endeavored to eat raw vegetables but find they really don't
>agree with me.  What am I supposed to do if my family absolutely
>insists I eat them?  It is questions of this nature that trouble me.
My wife is vegetarian (although she does eat fish - I think you are
still "technically" a vegetarian if you eat fish. She is not a vegan,
however, in that she does eat eggs, cheese, yogurt, etc.). She does this
for health reasons (she's a nutritionist, and has never really liked red
meat, even as a child). So, that means at our house we eat vegetarian
meals on a regular basis, which are surprisingly good and tasty. I
recommend finding someone who knows how to do vegetarian cooking right,
and taste what people can do with vegetables. You may learn to like
them! We eat some very different vegetables and grains, like couscous
and quinoa (which is a high-protein grain).
You don't have to eat RAW vegetables. The only good reasons I see for
eating vegetables raw are:
1. Taste (some vegetables taste ok uncooked, but only some - chard is
vile uncooked);
2. To get the most vitamins and minerals possible from the vegetable.
However, certain cooking techniques help retain those vitamins and
minerals, so your vegetables can be both healthy AND tasty!
This is coming from a guy who grew up in a meat and potatoes family as
a child*, so there is hope! :)
* I'm pulling a Marc Schindler here - defining what a "meat and
potatoes" family means to me. While it is universally understood that
meat and potatoes are the staples of such groups, vegetables were also
served with almost every meal. However, their preparation typically left
much to be desired, and as a child I detested biting into a boiled piece
of califlower only to have it taste like hot water with substance. One
time, however, my brother and I negotiated with my parents that if we
split the pot 'o peas and finished them all that they would buy us any
treat we wanted at the grocery store. Using a lot of milk and water we
were successful in downing those disgusting, green "pills" and later
that night we grabbed the biggest "treat" available to us at the store:
A 1 lb. bag of M&Ms - each! Incidentally, although I now like many of
the vegetables I used to detest, I still do not like peas. :)


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