Canadian politician calls President Bush a moron.

Chrétien's decision to keep Ducros quickly came under fire back in 

"He should have accepted her resignation, perhaps with regret, perhaps 
understanding that people make mistakes," Canadian Alliance MP Jason 
Kenney said. "Senior officials should be held accountable for those 

Kenney suggested Ducros' remarks reflect a pattern in the Chrétien 
government, "a consistent attitude of anti-Americanism which has hurt 
our relationship on softwood lumber, on agriculture ... It doesn't help 
us in getting access to the decision-makers in the White House and in 

Conservative Leader Joe Clark said Chrétien should have accepted the 
resignation. "Ms. Ducros has done the honourable thing; so should the 
prime minister." 

Jim Cobabe

When I use a word, it means just what I choose it to mean--neither more 
nor less.

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