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can rewire our brains (literally) to take new approaches from the old
habits, such as changing our eating and exercise habits, as well as our
attitudes in life. These can all make dramatic differences.

My SIL teaches Neuro-Linguistic-Programming techniques. It is quite effective. The basic concept is to just remodel the habitual pathways in the neural system. When we repeat an action (be it physical or mental), we create pathways that then have a lower resistance, causing that same pattern to be repeated. The object of the NLP is to recreate those pathways the way we want them. ** I don't buy into it as heavily as she obviously does, but I have seen some pretty remarkable changes in some people's lives after spending time working with the technique. She views it almost as a pseudo-religion, which, of course, is a point of (unexpressed, it's best to stay on good terms with family members) disagreement. But as a therapeutic technique it is quite effective.

Till the cross-wired ****

** Silly example time. I'm terribly acrophobic and have a difficult time crossing large-span high suspension bridges. I break out in a cold sweat. I've been re-programmed in a somewhat silly (works for me 8>)) way. When I start on to one of those bridges, the Ride of the Valkyries comes bursting out of nowhere, full voice, and I cross it in fine style. I always have to laugh afterwards about how silly it seems, but it works.

**** Telemarketers used to call at suppertime for so many years (before I got on to the NY state no-call list) that I've also been programmed to salivate when the phone rings

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