"Whatever the mechanism, this is another example of plants colonizing a 
harsh environment with a little help from their friends - fungi often 
supply plants with vital nutrients, increase their tolerance to drought, 
and much else besides."

Yet evolution science continues ascribe such complex interactions to a 
mechanism that depends on random chance.  Evolutionists don't worry 
about such irrelevant considerations--given countless eons of time, most 
unlikely things are deemed likely to routinely happen.

In the news article, the relationship described between a fungus and a 
grass plant is just incredible.  When the fungus protects the roots of 
this particular plant, both are able to survive in soil temperatures 
that would normally roast them.  Yet neither organism alone exhibits 
this tolerance for surviving high temperatures.

Another example of science providing itself with information that falls 
outside the assumptions of evolution.

Mij Ebaboc

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