At 17:17 11/22/2002 -0600, Gaaaarrryrryyy wrote:
Aaaahhhh. So it starts (he said as he wiped his face off with a piece of
whole wheat bread).  Since it is my list (and John isn't around to
regulate the living room), I not only get to start it, but I'll try and
finish it, also.

Gary pushes a button, and suddenly a cream pie drops from the ceiling
onto Till's head.  I hope you like lemon....

Hah, you just inadvertently sat in a platter full of week old melted death by chocolate ice cream that I slid onto your chair behind you. Oh, don't those white pants look great! Careful not to splash Pauly when you shake off. Stacy, let me freshen up your carrot juice, I know how you crave your veggies ...... oops, sorry about that, didn't mean to spill it in your lap, I must have slipped on some merengue ......

Till, smiling contentedly whilst licking lemon cream from his whiskers (next time don't forget the whipped cream! some people just don't have a sense of class)

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