Jon Spencer wrote:
No. It is known as "survival of the FIT" - a very big difference.  It is 
not just the fittest that survive.  It is those who meet or exceed the 
minimum requirements.  The fittest against one threat may not be able to 
survive the next threat, whereas the barely able to survive the first 
threat may be the best at surviving the next.

"Fitness" is a rather meaningless term with respect to evolution.  There 
is no absolute list of traits that can be said to determine the 
"fitness" of an organism.  A particular trait that helps a particular 
organism adapt to today's ecological niche, may just as well prove to be 
that creature's undoing in the next epoch of time.

Paleontologists view the whole picture with brilliant hindsight.  But in 
truth, the judgements these people make about "fitness" turn out to be 
just more anthropocentric bias.

Mij Ebaboc

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