What do you all think of this? Should Protestant Fundamentalists be the ones to tell homosexuals how to live their lives?


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*** Stephen Bennett Ministries ***
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November 2002 New Ministry Resources
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2. NEW! - 6 Hour Series (CD or Cassette) Reaching the Homosexual for
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3. NEW! - November's Resource of the Month - An American Family Radio
Special: The Story of Stephen Bennett - 1 hour CD or cassette; Stephen and Irene
Bennett share his deliverance from homosexuality, and his new relationship
with Jesus Christ, now husband and father of 2 little children, national
speaker and Christian recording artist. A perfect, encouraging witnessing tool
for any homosexual loved one or friend, showing NO ONE is born homosexual, and
homosexuals CAN completely change! Yours for your gift of $15 or more in the
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4. Stephen Bennett's Christmas CD - 'Christmas In New England' - 11
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