Jim Cobabe wrote:

> Granted, Bush probably _is_ a moron.  But it's astronomically bad form
> for a politician in a foreign government to say so in public.

a. Francie Ducros is not a politician; and
b. She did not say it in public. It was in the course of a private conversation
with someone, a conversation which was overheard by a reporter.

The Toronto Star article was quite clear on both counts. Why do some people insist
on reading more into it? If it makes you feel any good, I can guarantee, from my
own experience in the civil service of a Westminster-style government, that her
career is now toast. She'll be lucky to get a job as a PR hack for a dot-com. (see
my post of the Don Martin column)

> Besides, Canada and the US are supposed to be collaborating in the "war
> on terror(TM)", and this is just a horrifying breach of international
> security.  What if Saddam reads this political comment and finally
> catches on to the truth about Bush's intellectually challenged status?

"Collaborating" means, of course, that we do your bidding. We always do, and what
thanks do we get?  "Horrifying breach of international security?" You'd think we'd
bugged the Oval Office and blabbed what we heard to Saddam. Get a grip, folks!
Think: is Canada even possible of committing even a slightly pesky breach of
international security, let alone a horrifying one?

Okay, I know you're probably being facetious. But then we all know that the reason
we're going to war with Iraq and not Pakistan is that no hotel in Islamabad has a
mosaic in the lobby that pictures the king's papa, and on which people are forced
to tread in an immature attempt at insult.

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