You can't keep a good man down.  John went down south but soon returned to the North, 
pausing only long enough to visit a few list members.  Having just got back onto the 
list from yet another soft bounce, I may be going over old news.

For those who haven't met John Redelfs but have been on the list for some years, you 
would recognize him if you met him.  He is very much the person in the flesh as I have 
come to understand him via email.  The revelation to me was just how talented his 
daughter Rebecca is.  We could all brag about our children for days on end, but John 
does have something to brag about in Rebecca.  She's quite accomplished by my 
standards; she draws, plays piano and guitar, and sings, too.  Married for only eight 
months she is clearly very attached to her husband.  And she impressed my daughter by 
being so open and generous with her talent.  So the Redelfs were a hit at the 
Gregsons.  John, please pass on to Rebecca my thanks for the sketch she did for Kyria 
on Saturday morning.  Kyria was fascinated and delighted by it.

John and I don't entirely see eye-to-eye in every respect.  While we agree on 
doctrine, it's in the matter of tastes where we begin to differ, though not so much as 
might be expected.  He likes blues and classical but I don't like blues at all and 
only occassionally dabble in classical music.  I mentioned Prism as one of the rock 
groups I enjoyed as a teenager but I don't really believe that John will like them as 
much.  However, Rebecca agreed with me that real maple syrup is far superior to the 
artificial junk we usually have to put up with.

What do zion list members talk about when they meet in person?  Some of it is a 
continuation of what we discuss online but we spent so much more time discussing 
family.  I hardly every mention my family on this list because of some natural 
reticence but it doesn't take much to get me puffed up and going like an old steam 

By the way, John, we saw Harry Potter on Saturday night in Spruce Grove.  If you liked 
the first you should like the second.  Contrariwise, likewise, I'm sure.  The theatre 
has been selling out on Fridays and Saturdays for this movie.  For us it's a great 
deal because they have a family rate: $28Cdn for the whole family, not just a weak 
definition of one (2 adults and 2 children).  That's about $17.64US for 9 people, or 
less than 2 bucks US each.  Compare that with the top of the line Silver City theatre 
in the West Edmonton Mall where you will pay $13.95Cdn each for an evening show.  
Fortunately, they have matinee prices of "only" $8.50 so I can view "The Two Towers" 
in all its splendiferous glory without breaking the bank.

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