Jim, you never got it from the beginning. You're just making it worse.

Jim Cobabe wrote:

> Hmm...
> First, we simply misread.  Wrong to assume that people engaged in
> politics are politicians.
> Next, we didn't comprehend the niceties of the highly sophisticated
> Canadian political machine.
> Then it was foolishly quoting idiosyncratic definitions from
> Merriam-Webtster's Dictionary.
> Now the assertion is that Americans fear that Bush really _is_ a
> moron--therefore the _Canadians_ fire their own political figure, who
> publically offered insults to Bush.
> On the other hand, American politicians seem to feel free to call Bush a
> moron, without concern for reprisal or repercussion.  I don't think
> believe you could find a single Democrat in the US Congress that has not
> publically suggested that Bush--at best--suffers from mild mental
> retardation.
> Americans have known all along that Bush is a moron.  Why else would he
> be involved in politics?  We just thought he was slightly less retarded
> than any of the alternatives.
> Perhaps it is really the Canadians who are fearful and overreacting.
> <smirk>
> ---
> Mij Ebaboc
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