On Tue, 26 Nov 2002 13:33:41 -0600, "Paul Osborne" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Scott
> >Anyway, for any of you considering a trip to Hawaii, I highly recommend
> >it. 
> Totally cool and you're a lucky guy! I'm sure if I got to do all that fun
> stuff all my problems would just go away. ;-)

Well, if it is any consolation, all my problems didn't go away (though,
to be honest, I didn't worry about them for most of the week!).
> It's not fair that you got to go and I can't!  ;-)

Fair? Who ever said life would be fair? Whoever they were, they lied!
Life is never fair. You want to trade? You get a week in Hawaii, an
upcoming layoff that may effect you, most of your children living
hundreds of miles away and their mother teaching them by example that all
that you taught them about the church is worthless, and the possibility
that your ex-wife may end up taking half your income as child support
forcing you to sell your home and live in a trailer park somewhere and
take a second job to pay for it.

Do you really want to trade?

On the other hand, I have two of my children living with me, along with,
of course, my wife and step children. I have a friend at work I am gently
trying to introduce to the gospel, and a part memeber family that I home
teach and am fellowshipping where the rest of the family looks like they
are heading for baptism. Life is never fair, but you can sometimes make a
few of your own compensations.


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