For those interested in the internal party politics that led to Francie
Ducros' resignation (she was the communications aide who was overhead
referring to Bush as a moron) here's a link from today's Glock 'n'

She burned too many bridges, and when a journalist overheard her in
private conversation, he had every reason to stick it to her -- but he
wasn't the only one with a grudge to bear.

I'll repeat just in case there's still any confusion about the
difference between an Ari Fleischer and a Françoise Ducros, that whereas
the former often issues statements in press conferences, in the
Westminster system of civil service, an aide would never issue a public
statement. She would help her minister (in this case the prime minister)
craft a media release, and it would be people who work for her who write
it and distribute it once the minister's approved it, but it's always
the minister him/herself who issues the statement, or in their absence,
the Parliamentary Secretary, if the portfolio has one. An aide like
Ducros, while well-known to journalists and parliamentarians, was
basically totally unknown to everyday Canadians except the most
dedicated news junkies (I had never even heard of her, and I think I'm
pretty well-informed on domestic politics). All you'd see is if the PM
is giving a speech, she might be behind him on a chair, or sharing the
table. But she never speaks to the press directly. This has been my
direct experience working for four different cabinet ministers in the
Alberta government, as well. Not quite the same situation as in the U.S.
where you don't make the distinction we do between head of state and
head of government.

Marc A. Schindler
Spruce Grove, Alberta, Canada -- Gateway to the Boreal Parkland

“Man will occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of the time he
will pick himself up and continue on” – Winston Churchill

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