Scott McGee wrote, about former Ute football coach:
Neither of the reasons you mention were in fact reasons for him being

Ain't it the truth--and now everyone probably knows a lot more about 
this--and those inconsequential Canadian current events--than they ever 
cared to.  I guess I need to explain myself, before Canadian/American 
relations are seriously compromised.  ;->

Of course, I was attempting to extend the joke, consistent with the 
level of concern I invest in such issues.  I thought it was obvious.  If 
it had been featured on the Tonight Show, everyone surely would have 
laughed (or at least they would have been so prompted!)

Fact is, both of these matters were featured in local newspapers, and 
nobody else paid much attention.  I spotted links to the Candian 
business on Matt Drudge's web page--he often features the amusingly 
stupid and bizarre along with his important news items.  Both links were 
to Canadian news sources.  I never saw a line of print on the matter in 
any of the American newspapers I've looked at this week.

Jokes about these kinds of issues are really the only attention they 
deserve.  As one who is easily entertained, I thought the matter worthy 
of comedy treatment.  Criticize my warped humor, if you like, but please 
reserve wounded sensibilities, semantic quibbling, ponderous 
deconstruction, and legalistic cross examination for something less 

Or play the straight man for my silly gags, if you like, but don't 
expect me to take it seriously just because you do.

Mij Ebaboc

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