> Marc Schindler:
> Don't quote me on that -- I'm going from memory and I
> actually went and looked at our nearest toilet, but it doesn't
> say what the capacity is.
> ... Then it says "W / L 5 / 8"  I rather suspect that means 5 US
> gallons but I don't know what the 8 would mean.
> ...Now you got me, er, goin'. I went and looked at all 3 toilets,
> and the one in our main upstairs bathroom has the most
> legible inscription. It reads:
> 7 NOV 1986
> 3783
> CSA "Standard" [American Standard's logo]
> 4083 TANK
> T85
> W/L 5/8 BELOW
> Any plumbers out there who can read toiletese? ;-)
> _______________
> Well I'll be a clogged sewer pipe.  I never thought I would
> see the day when the all-knowing Marc wouldn't come up
> with the answer, especially when it was staring right at him.
> What a puzzlement.  And speaking of puzzles ...
> Take these last two lines from the inside of your tank:
> W/L 5/8 BELOW
> and place them together like this:

I sort of figured that, and given that it was made by a US company, measures would
be in inches (which are, iirc, 1/14000 of a verst, so now I have a good handle it.
An inch of spicy German sausage is all my stomach can handle.) But it still
doesn't seem to indicate the capacity of the tank. I may seal the plug so the
float doesn't open it, and simply pour in a litre at a time until I've filled it
up to this overflow point and see how much the capacity in that regard. We are, of
course, the litres in the world in this regard..... ;-)

> Then, make sure that the float in the tank is adjusted so
> that the water stops when the water level is 5/8 of an inch
> (American inches, not Imperial ones [grin]) from the top
> of the overflow pipe in the tank.
> This will keep the toilet from continually running with water
> going down the overflow pipe, instead of shutting off as it
> should when the tank is full.
> Your upstairs bathroom toilet was made 16 years ago, BTW.

Yes, about the same time as our house.


Marc A. Schindler
Spruce Grove, Alberta, Canada -- Gateway to the Boreal Parkland

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