Mark Gregson wrote:

> > The one fly in the ointment is that rural students fair much poorly.
> A quote from the report:
> "Alberta students did exceptionally well: Rural students outscored even the urban 
>ones of all other provinces except B.C., Quebec and Newfoundland."
> So there you have it, folks.  Albertan farmers are smarter than your average city 
>slicker.  Apparently my children's school, which is in a small town of about 1,000, 
>scores up near the top academically.  Others have noted this and swamped the school 
>this year with requests to have their children attend there even though they don't 
>live in the school district.  The school had to turn away many.

Minor fly in the ointment, of course: Alberta city students did better than their 
urban counterparts. But still, with comprehensive, province-wide testing in place, and 
a sense of direct accountability to stakeholders, that's how we're able to keep our 
educational system consistently amongst the best in the world. No magic, and nothing 
no other jurisidiction couldn't do. Well, okay, that crisp
winter air does clear the mind a bit before an algebra exam...

> But I'm very surprised about Newfoundland.  They have earned their reputation 
>honestly, from my experience, so I'm flabbergasted that they scored so well.

Newfoundland has a complex school system which I won't get into here, but again, they 
have province-wide exams. And I think that's a major key. Not the magic button, but a 
sine qua non (a necessary but not sufficient condition).  Here's a little known 
factoid for y'all. The yacht that is currently in first place to challenge the US in 
the America's Cup, comes from that great seafaring
nation.....Switzerland. They found a company in St. John's (which is nothing if not 
surrounded by sea, and has experience as a port going back over 400 years), which 
specializes in modelling hull shapes mathematically, and also has big water tanks for 
actual testing. It's believed the Swiss boat has a much better hull, which responds 
best under all conditions, and if anyone will be the US, it will
be the Swiss. Wouldn't that be something? They'd have to appoint someone an admiral 
just to present the award......

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