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Normally I'm not a believer in demonic possession, but if you spend much
time on a computer you could quickly be convinced otherwise.

Starting last night, this computer would only come up in "Safe Mode": not the menu which allows you to choose regular mode, safe mode, DOS mode, etc., but ONLY safe mode. After three hours or so of tinkering, it seems that (at least part of) the problem is that the keyboard has developed a problem so the computer thinks that the "Shift" key is _always_ on. So I am typing on an "official" (so light it feels like junk) Micro$oft keyboard and using the touchpad on the ALPS keyboard. If I can't get the latter fixed, I guess I'll have to find a substitute (I already know that the model I like has been discontinued).

All I hope is that this is the _only_ demon to be exorcised . . .

--Ronn! :)

I always knew that I would see the first man on the Moon.
I never dreamed that I would see the last.
--Dr. Jerry Pournelle

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