On Wed, 27 Nov 2002 20:08:46 -0600 Gary Smith <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> I find that the thing that brings me the greatest peace during this 
> time
> of troubles and uncertainty is being in the temple. I can leave all 
> the
> terrorists, unemployment, recession, Democrats, and all the other
> problems outside.  I feel the Spirit, and am re-energized so that I 
> am
> stronger to handle the telestial world we live in.
> Paul, if you have a headache, do you resist taking 
> aspirin/tylenol/motrin
> because you can't bear the headache going down some?  So it is with 
> the
> temple, except that it works like morphine (with fewer side 
> effects).  It
> brings me peace in these troubles times.  Now is the time to go, 
> when you
> are struggling the most.  Will you do us the favor and set a date to 
> go
> again? Hopefully in December, but if not, definitely in January.  
> Go
> several times. Show the terrorists you are going to beat them by
> performing eternal saving ordinances for the deceased. They might 
> kill a
> few people's bodies, but you will be saving several people's souls.

Ok Gary, *you* convinced me. You are right. I will do it sooner rather
than later. My recommend has been expired for a long time and I'll need
to get a new one within a month or so. 

Thank you. 

Paul O

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