I've been thinking about this all day, and still cannot imagine how 
ignorance is reflected in one's appearance.  To appear "silly" would 
seem not to be a very exacting quality.  I would propose that we require 
some comparative or objective standard to judge the relative measure of 
"silly" appearance.

I have been trying to envision Stephen Beecroft with his countenance 
marred by some hallmark indicator of ignorance.  Perhaps both of his 
eyes have migrated to one side, like a flounder.  Or perhaps both of his 
ears are constantly presented with the same aspect, like Mickey Mouse.

I know what I look like, and would never argue that I look anything but 
silly, but I cannot say how this relates to the face of Beecroft.

Stephen, help me out.  Please describe your appearance in detail.  What 
does true ignorance look like?  Exactly how is it "silly"?

Mij Ebaboc

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