Incidentally, a Protestant minister in Ogden wrote an op-ed piece for the Ogden
paper a few weeks ago in which he supported the Church's stand. Nice to see not
everyone's arrayed against us.

Jim Cobabe wrote:

> This science study is only a minor skirmish, but a significant portent
> of things to come, nonetheless.  As apologists for politically correct
> humanist ideals grow more agressive and dogmatic, there will be
> increasing tension between the secular and religious.
> In Salt Lake City, a troublesome argument has been escalated further and
> further between the Mayor and the Church over legal provisions regarding
> the Church Main Street Plaza, the short section of street having been
> sold to the Church to incorporate into the Temple Square complex a while
> back.  Today's comments from the Mayor focused on his honesty and
> integrity as a benvolent ACLU lawyer, as contrasted with the supposed
> avaricious cheating, lying, and extortionate political manuvering of
> those evil LDS Church leaders with whom he disagrees.
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> Mij Ebaboc
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