Wouldn't this also mean confession of sin and serious sin where committed? Doesn't that person have an obligation to discuss this with the presiding authority before baptism? If he doesn't, shouldn't he be suspect?


At 11:05 AM 11/30/2002 -0800, you wrote:

As I have been reading this issue, the one thing that keeps coming to mind is that phrase: Judge not, lest ye be judged.

As I contemplate the numerous helpful tips being given, the one that it appears to me is so many people are trying to get God to renege on his agreement to that individual. Did this person go into the waters of baptism and was his sins forgiven? Did this individual repent of his sins? Sorry folks, but no one on this planet has the authority to go against Gods word. If I am forgiven of my sins because God has so indicated, no one has that authority to so no to God, no he hasn't. No bishop, stake president can take back what God has given, and that is forgiveness. period - end of sentance.


--- Jon Spencer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>Paul - this is excellent advice. If one's motivation for telling on someone
>is along the lines of "that person shouldn't have a temple recommend," then
>do yourself a favor and keep the lips sealed. However, if you are truly
>concerned for an individual's eternal blessings and wish to help them avoid
>trying to mock the Lord, then do as Paul (Paul O. that is :-) suggests.
>Talk to them. if they are too afraid to go to the Bishop alone, then offer
>to go with them. After that, in love and faith, seek the assistance of your
>Priesthood leadership to help this individual.
>Paul wrote:
>> >If I tried to make this public what could happen to me? Is this
>> considered
>> >"gossip?" and "heresay?"
>> I don't know about your situation but if I was close to someone whom I
>> was pretty sure had committed a serious sin and was not repenting I would
>> probably let the bishop know about it and leave it in his hands for the
>> time being. Keep it a private matter with the priesthood authorities.
>> Depending on the circumstances I might warn the person that the bishop
>> will be tipped off so if there is something to confess they best do it of
>> their own free will and choice and get the matter resolved properly.
>> I don't think it is gossip or what not. Nothing should be said outside
>> the bounds of love and general concern for the welfare of the individual
>> involved.
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