At 10:30 PM 12/1/02 -0600, Gary Smith wrote:
One of the neatest meteors I've ever seen was in 1985 in Korea. I was
guarding my post, watching the sky to ensure no one was parachuting in
from the north, I saw a meteor streak across the sky, break into two,
then watched the twin meteors in parallel zip across the sky for another
several moments.

Of course, the neatest thing in the sky is the Southern Cross. And when
you see the Southern Cross for the first time, you finally know just why
you came this way....

Because that's what your orders said?

(What?  You thought I was going to identify the song?)

I'm convinced there are more stars in the southern hemisphere,

Well, you do have a better view of the center of our Galaxy, and the Magellanic clouds are close enough to resolve individual stars with a ground-based telescope (which is why we had observations of Sanduleak -69202 before it went blooey in 1987 (minus however many years it took the light to reach here)) . . .

-- Ronn! :)

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