After much pondering, Marc A. Schindler favored us with:
Thanks for digging this up. Midgley does not think much of the new historians, and
has taken Murphy to task for his paper. If you read the paper, you'll see that he
refers to papers Midgley wrote about the Church in New Zealand, but Midgley has
told me he confronted Murphy about twisting the meaning of what Midgley had wrote.
Murphy was squirming, as I understand it, but stood by his position. I would urge
all to take this the same way we have taken Bagley's book on the MMM; more heat
than light, and it shall pass quickly enough. Those with a real interest in it
might want to sign up for FAIR's listserve -- this has been a topic of fruitful
discussion there.
How much does FAIR focus on anti-Mormons within the Church compared with anti-Mormons outside the Church? --JWR

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